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Can’t get the parts to repair your lawnmower?

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Can’t get the parts to repair your lawnmower?

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Most people understand that servicing your Lawnmower will make sure it lasts longer, but what happens when you can no longer get the parts to mend and repair your machine?

Techumseh stopped making lawnmower engines over a decade now. They were a big producer of engines for High street/DIY stores and it is now getting increasingly hard to get service parts of suitable quality for us to fit.

So what can we do…. ? Below is a well loved Hayter mower that has been looked after for a good few years. Unfortunately the Techumseh engine had given up the ghost.

We whipped out the defunct engine and replaced it with a second hand Briggs and Stratton.

A far cheaper option than buying a mower of similar quality.

Hayter lawn mower